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Leadership Development

Developing leadership at all levels

Leadership is an observable set of skills which can be applied and enhanced within organizations. We support organizations to develop leaders at all levels. We help leaders become the best they can be with a mix of learning options such as training, coaching and practice.

Our unique leadership development programmes include:

Seven Core Leadership Programmes

1. The Leadership Challenge

The globally acclaimed Leadership Challenge Workshop featuring The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. www.leadershipchallenge.com. The Leadership Challenge framework grew out of rigorous research by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner to understand when leaders performed at their personal best. From hundreds of interviews, cases studies and surveys emerged five fundamental practices common to extraordinary leadership achievements. The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model is effective in cultivating and liberating the leadership potential in anyone, at any level and in any organization.





2. The 8-P

The 8-P Managerial and Leadership Development is our customizable eight-module leadership programme including a Postscript of individual coaching.

3. Leadership is Everyone’s Business: An introduction to the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and a variant of The Leadership Challenge Workshop.

4. The Leadership Trail: A superb introduction to leadership at all levels.

5. The Female Leadership Master Class: Designed specifically to empower women in organizations to bridge the established participation and engagement gaps.

6. Followers-Leaders (The Middle Management Workshop): Inspiring learning for middle managers to enhance overall leadership and productive capacity.

7. Followership 103 (Attitude Seeds for Young Leaders): Designed for young leaders within organisations to engage them with basic leadership knowledge.

Six Leadership Support Programmes

8. Coaching and Mentoring Skills: Workshop to activate two core skills for enhancing organizational and leadership results. Mentoring and coaching can also be conducted as separate learning programmes.

9. Managing for Employee Engagement: A half-day or one-day workshop to enable managers improve employee engagement.

10. Emotional Intelligence: Instruction and activities to improve emotional intelligence. The programme includes first-rate videos produced by Daniel Goleman.

11. Negotiation Skills for Leaders.

12. Communication in Leadership

13. Decision Making and Problem Solving for Leaders

Customized Leadership Development

We recognize that organizational needs and flavours differ. We work with organizations to design customized leadership learning programmes. This might entail providing appropriate coaching, follow up and action-based support.


Coaching individuals and teams for enhanced results

Coaching is partnering with clients in a creative process that inspires the maximisation of personal and professional potential. We empower people to transform learning into organisational results and behavioural changes. The benefits and applications of coaching are shown in the graphic below:


Designing and supporting organizational strategy

Organizations require strategy to fulfil their purpose and interact profitably with the market. This requires careful and deliberate processes from design to execution. It also entails managing change in the dynamic world of enterprise.

We facilitate the strategy process and engage organizational intellect and energy to devise appropriate strategies for optimal results. We also collaborate with strategic teams to measure and monitor specified outcomes with an emphasis on critical follow-through. We also recognize that deliberately combining strategy with leadership development can prove immensely valuable to organizational growth. We provide support for various dimensions of strategy:


Engaging the power of diversity

Diversity and Inclusion are being increasingly acknowledged as propellers of positive organizational results. Organizations have to be more reconciled with the benefits of equity, cultural integration, inclusiveness and developing diversified talent pools.

We help clients kick start and enhance their diversity and inclusion options and solutions. A central component of our diversity support mechanisms is the Diversity and Inclusion Workshop which comes in half-day Micro one-day Mini and two-day Macro editions.

Group Facilitation

Facilitating group effectiveness.

We facilitate group interactions based on a variety of facilitation models and use appropriate techniques to enhance group process. Our typical process covers:

  • Relating with clients to define the need, the objectives and expected results
  • Designing or agreeing on an agenda that will deliver the expected outcomes.
  • Facilitating with the appropriate processes and if necessary content.
  • Evaluating the outcomes by reference to the initial expectations.

Group facilitation is applicable to a wide variety of subjects and situations a sample of which are shown in the graphic below:



Inspiring people with the spoken word

People and organizations need to be inspired and energized with the spoken word. We engage diverse audiences with keynote speeches, inspirational talks and conference add-ons. Our top rated themes include: Principles of Commitment, Personalizing Organizational Values, Seven Lessons of Together: What Organisations Can Learn from Sports Teams, Anteamology 101: Lessons from The Ants about Teams, Navigating Through the Storms and Turning Adversity into Opportunity.

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